Laser Diagnostics Development

Work focuses on development and application of laser diagnostics to make measurements of key quantities in combustion environments. Emphasis is on planar imaging techniques and high-speed measurements.

In-Cylinder Processes

Optical engines are used to provide imaging access, enabling the direct interrogation of in-cylinder processes influencing engine combustion, including: fuel sprays, turbulence and mixing, heat transfer, combustion propagation, etc.


Fuels research focuses on a broad range of issues related to fuel impacts on engine operation and combustion, including: fuel design, fuel kinetics, fuel physical property impacts, for spark and compression ignition, and advanced combustion engines.

Particulate Matter and Engine Aftertreatment

Particulate matter, PM or soot, is formed during combustion due to a number of factors for all engine combustion strategies. We focus on characterizing PM properties and sources for all engine combustion modes.